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  • Key Features:

    • Instantly translate online conversations within AOL Instant Messenger
    • Translate and send your outgoing messages into your buddy's language
    • Translate incoming messages from your buddy into your language
    • Talk to your buddy with your AIM without the need for different chat windows
    • No need to copy and paste text – translations are done instantly before your eyes!
    • Displays both the original language plus the translation
    • Only you need to have Chat Translator, your buddy does not
    • Available for AIM 6.8 or AIM 5.9

Download AOL Instant Messenger

Important: You need to sign up and install AOL Instant Messenger for Windows to be able to use SDL Chat Translator.

AOL® Instant Messenger™ 6.8 is a free download available here

AOL® Instant Messenger™ 5.9 is a free download available here

Watch our video demonstrations:

Languages you can translate

Translate from English Translate into English
English to French French to English
English to Italian Italian to English
English to German German to English
English to Spanish Spanish to English
English to Portuguese Portuguese to English
English to Dutch Dutch to English

Help us improve Chat Translator

Read our Blog and let us know the acronyms you use while chatting online, emailing or texting.

Yesterday you had to learn a language to understand it… …Today you don't.

  • Unleash the power of Instant Multilingual Messaging

    Talk to anyone in your language for less than $5 per month